July 2, 2022: Coral Charm Peony In-Person Workshop with Pink and Posey


What is Coral Charm Peony?

It is a semi-double peony, a herbaceous plant that only blooms from mid-spring to early summer. The large flower is cup shaped and will bloom to be about 6-7” in diameter. When it first blooms, it is a deep persimmon color. As time goes on, it will change to a pink coral color, and then a cream color right before the petals fall off.

What you will learn in this Coral Charm Peony course:

How to color and dye your crepe paper.

How to construct a structural peony by wiring your petals, creating a look that is stately yet soft at the same time. I will teach you how to mieter in two different ways.

How to laminate your crepe paper to create lush and thick stamens.

Understand what a Coral Charm Peony is and be able to identify carpel, stamen, stigma, anther, filament, guard petals, sepals, leaves and stem.

How to change up your crepe paper to reflect the petal color change as the flower ages. (Did you know that a peony bloom lasts about 5 days, and within that time, it will change from a deep persimmon to coral to cream before its petals fall off?)

Using the same petal to create your petals, I will show you how to create your peony bract and leaves sets.


This is for an in-person workshop at Little Saigon Creative in Seattle, Washington

Date: Saturday, July 2, 2022

Location: Little Saigon Creative, 1227 South Weller St, Seattle, WA 98033

Time: 9 am to Noon, doors will be open at 8:30 am

Details:  All materials and tools are provided in this in-person workshop. There will be multiple tables, and they will be spaced out so everyone will be comfortable and have lots of room to make their Coral Charm Peony. There will be plenty of time for questions and individual help as Quynh shows you how to make this peony.


Copyright Disclaimer: The Coral Charm Peony template and instructions are copyrighted. Do not sell, share or teach others without prior permission. Contact me for more information regarding licensing rights and fees.

You are welcome to make this Coral Charm for fun or for profit. 

If you are interested in me teaching this course or any other paper flowers via Zoom or in-person, please email me at [email protected]

Please tag me in social media with @pinkandposey or @theposeybox so I can cheer you on!

Happy Making,



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$85 USD for In-Person Workshop at Friends of Little Saigon Creative Space for July 2, 2022

Please note, per the management of Friends of Little Saigon, they require that you show proof of vaccination at the door before participating in the workshop. 

As a bonus to this in-person workshop, you will receive an online course after the class that you can view at your leisure and as many times as you would like. The online course will be available to you on July 2, 2022.

In celebration of my first in-person workshop in over two years, I am offering a special Kai Scissors Gifts set for only $39.99, regular price $50. 

It includes an 8", 5 1/2", and 4"

These are Pink and Posey's go to scissors:

The Workhorse: 8" Kai 5210

My everyday, go-to scissor is the 8” Kai 5210. These cut beautifully through 180g Italian crepe paper, and even German doublette. They tick off all of the boxes for me: made of stainless steel, a perfect length for general cutting, and a soft handle. 

The Fringe Maker: 5 1/2" Kai 5135 

For more precise work, I grab my 5 ½” Kai 5135. Perfect for fringe and any cuts that are close together. This is also what I use for most of my detail work on the edges of petals. Again, these are made of steel and have a shorter blade for that more exact work. 

The Tight Spot or Detail Cuts: 4" Kai 5100

Sometimes paper flowers require a really delicate cut. When I have to cut something in a small or hard to reach place, I use the 4” Kai 5100. The tip on these is extremely sharp and precise. This isn’t something you’ll use constantly, but when you need it, it’ll perform in a tight spot beautifully.

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