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What is The Anemone Posey Box? 

  • Learn how to make an anemone with Inga and Kate will show you how to make her allium.
  • The Anemone tutorials were released May 2019. 

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  • Supplies you will need to make an anemone:

    • 180g heavy crepe in white, light pink, or another petal color of your choice
    • Dennison or extra fine crepe in black
    • green doublette
    • 14mm or 15mm spun cotton ball
    • 16 or 18 gauge wire
    • vinyl tubing (optional, to thicken stem)
    • tacky glue
    • black marker
    • floral tape
    • coloring of your choice + brush (the tutorial shows watercolor pencil, or use any type of watercolor paint, or pan pastel)

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You are welcome to make these blooms for fun or for profit. 

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