English Garden Rose with The Mint Gardener plus Pink and Posey

Quynh and Sarah shows you how to use two types of crepe papers plus how to color and form garden roses petals and their foliage. And don't fret!  We've developed an easy method to paint and form your rose petals. Anyone from beginner to expert will love this DIY project!  After you’ve created one, you won’t be able to stop. An entire rose garden can sprout from your mantelpiece as a stunning piece of home decor that will look fantastic year-round.

Learn how to watercolor your crepe paper with Sarah Simon and let Quynh show you how to create an English Garden Rose.

What you will learn with Sarah:

  1. How to mix four basic watercolor colors to achieve a beautiful cohesive palette.
  2. How to watercolor on crepe paper 
  3. Understanding how to use watercolor on your crepe paper
  4. Learn basic paintbrush strokes to achieve a variety of realistic petal and foliage paint strokes

What you will learn with Quynh:

  1. How to make the create a unique multi-layer petal center
  2. How to combine German and Italian 90gsm crepe papers to create depth and lightness to your paper creation
  3. Learn how to miter your crepe paper to create rose foliages
  4. How to add your rose stem with your foliages so it blends seamlessly together

Color and give life to your paper petals with The Posey Box . . . Join Today!

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You are welcome to make these blooms for fun or for profit. 

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