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The Posey Box

Color and give life to your paper petals. Have you ever struggled with getting your paper flowers just so? With The Posey Box, we can help you by providing step by step instructions, along with petal templates to help you create the best possible paper flower. 

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The Posey Box

A collection of paper flower tutorials where you will learn various flower techniques in each box! We have an amazing community waiting to answer any questions you might have!

Premier Materials and Tutorials

Eliminate the hassle! The Starter Posey Box is a one stop shop for all of your paper flower making needs. This is the perfect way to spend the long winter months or gift for the creative person in your life.

Posey Box Reviews

Posey Box Testimonial

Christina Funderburg

"I have tried several tutorials and The Posey Box is in the top tier of what is available. This subscription box totally helped me expand my paper flower skillset in short order. There are so many tips and tricks you will learn along the way with these tutorials. Quynh and Kate are creative geniuses and use different materials and tools in ways you would never expect! 

They have two tiers of subscription to fit any budget. If you already have a lot of paper and materials, the digital box is a great, affordable option that grants you access to the video tutorials as well as the Posey Box community which meets twice a month for special bonus tips and discussion.  With the Physical box, you get everything included in the digital package plus all the materials you need to create the flower of the month shipped right to your door! Quynh is so great about including enough materials to make a few blooms rather than just one. So, you can easily start building arrangements with what you make just from the materials sent. It is like getting a Christmas present every month!  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paper florist looking to grow your skills, The Posey Box is one of the best subscriptions around!" 

Posey Box Testimonial

Isabel Anderson

You’re so great, my mom was envious of flowers I was making with my friend Callie so I had to order her starter kit while she was with me! So no note required. Totally amazing if you have the time to hand deliver the kit, she cannot wait to get started.
Thank you so much, this is really an amazing kit you make and I’ve given it as a gift now three times. It’s so incredible! And the flowers are so beautiful and the instructions are good even for a paper flower novice ️
Posey Box Testimonial

Lindsey Johnson

"5 out of 5 stars! Getting The Posey Box was like unwrapping a wonderful gift to myself that I was so excited to open! Beautifully packaged with lots of fun little notes and samples, shipped very fast, and the actual kit is easy to follow and produced such wonderful flowers (just like the pictures on the instructions), no Pinterest fails here ;) I really love the reusable templates on the ring too! Thanks for creating such a lovely kit to share your creative skills with others!"  



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Color and give life to your paper petals with The Posey Box

Get inspired and elevate your craft by joining a worldwide community of paper florist artists. Learn from videos with step by step tutorials, meet ups, and fun conversations. Plus, we offer you PDF and SVG petal templates to help you cut your petals by hand or with a cutting machine!

Come and learn how to make beautiful paper flowers with us!


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Welcome to the World of Paper Flower Making! 

Read and learn how The Posey Box can help you make better paper flowers.

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