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I'm Quỳnh Nguyen 


I'm the artist and creator behind Pink and Posey and The Posey Box. My mission is to share knowledge, connect, and elevate the artistry of individual paper florists.Here, you can join us as we create beauty, share our passion, and bring together people who love flowers and beautiful art with the amazing international community of paper florists.  

"5 out of 5 stars! Getting The Posey Box was like unwrapping a wonderful gift to myself that I was so excited to open! Beautifully packaged with lots of fun little notes and samples, shipped very fast, and the actual kit is easy to follow and produced such wonderful flowers (just like the pictures on the instructions), no Pinterest fails here ;) I really love the reusable templates on the ring too! Thanks for creating such a lovely kit to share your creative skills with others!"

- Lindsey Johnson

"Quynh, you’re so great, my mom was envious of flowers I was making with my friend Callie so I had to order her starter kit while she was with me! So no note required. Totally amazing if you have the time to hand deliver the kit, she cannot wait to get started.

Thank you so much, this is really an amazing kit you make and I’ve given it as a gift now three times. It’s so incredible! And the flowers are so beautiful and the instructions are good even for a paper flower novice"

- Isabel Anderson

"Quynh has been one of the absolute best teachers! I have truly learned so much from her. The classes she offers are engaging, and the preplanning she puts into each class ensures you will be ready with the right tools and materials needed to flourish and grow! I am walking away from this class with the most gorgeous bouquet, a stronger love for paper flowers, new skills, and new friends.

I have confidence that there will be fewer failures in the future because of all she has shared. She has this magical way of providing an environment that feels like learning from a colleague and a friend and really knows how to bring out the maximum potential and creativity in her students.

Thank you from the bottom of my paper heart! I can't wait to take more classes!"

- Faith Schau