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Color and give life to your paper petals. Have you ever struggled with getting your paper flowers just so? With The Posey Box, we can help you by providing step by step instructions, along with petal templates to help you create the best possible paper flower. 

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The Posey Box

A monthly membership where you will have fun learning various flower techniques every month! We have a team waiting to answer any questions you might have!


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2 0 2 0   S E P T E M B E R

The Dahlia

I want to learn this one!
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2 0 2 0   A U G U S T

The Teddy Bear Sunflower

I want to learn this one too!
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2 0 2 0   J U L Y

The Peony Wall Flowers

I want to learn them all!

Color and give life to your paper petals with The Posey Box

Get inspired and elevate your craft by joining a worldwide community of paper florist artists. Learn from  videos with  step by step tutorials, virtual gatherings, and study groups. Plus, we offer you PDF and SVG petal templates to help you cut your petals by hand or with a cutting machine!

Come and learn how to make beautiful paper flowers with us!


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Welcome to the World of Paper Flower Making! 

Read and learn how The Posey Box can help you make better paper flowers.

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From Ranunculus to mushrooms, we got you covered! Come and join us and let's make some amazing paper flowers together!