Everything you need to know about using 180gsm crepe paper.

Crepe is the base of our craft. You can’t make paper flowers without the paper! Now, you’re clicking around this blog, so you probably already know that crepe comes in a wide array of weights, ranging from extremely delicate to fairly sturdy. But whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert paper florist, understanding the differences in paper helps you know which paper to use for which project. So today, we’re diving into Italian 180 gsm crepe paper.

Italian crepe comes in different weights, and 180 gsm is referred to as “heavy weight” for a reason. As the thickest crepe, it’s sturdy and will hold its final shape very well. Just try to tear it. You’ll have to use some muscle! It can be stretched much farther than more delicate crepes, meaning you can deeply cup petals—an important trait to achieving a realistic look for certain kinds of flowers. 

That durability does come with some drawbacks, of course. You won’t achieve a realistic look using this paper on daintier petals. A piece of 180 gsm will have more visible machine lines—that stretch has to come from somewhere! 

I chose Italian 180 gsm for this month’s giant peony tutorial for its many great qualities. It’s a great choice for big, bold installations. I also love the amazing array of colorful choices available for this weight of crepe.

Next week we’ll be learning even more about crepe paper with a guest blog post from Mike Benson, the owner of Carte Fini. That’s where I buy all of my Italian crepe paper. I just love them! If you just can’t wait until then, listen to our Paper Talk interview of Mike. It’s fascinating to get an insider’s take on crepe, plus a peek into the business side of things.

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