Using Design Master to color shift your paper flowers


Last month we have had so much fun creating peonies with our Posey Box members. One of the great things about peonies is how colorful and varied they can be! They can range from pale and delicate to bold and bright, and many varieties feature beautiful blends of colors on their petals. 

We’ve extolled the virtues of Design Master before, and we’re singing their praises again after this month’s tutorial. It’s incredible how realistic you can make your paper flowers with the right application of color. 

In our July study group, we chatted with our longtime friend from Design Master, Jodi Duncan. She gave us all sorts of incredible information about using Design Master, particularly about color shifting. The phrase is fairly self explanatory, but it means that you can change the color of your paper or flower by using some color knowhow. This isn’t always an easy skill to learn for some people, so here are some basics to get you started.


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