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the posey box Apr 24, 2020

Plants are complex wonders of nature. Leaves can be all shapes and sizes. Hundreds of thousands of them produce flashy flowers. The variety is mind boggling! We’ve tackled making quite a few of them here at The Posey Box, and we’re always astounded at the amazing details we uncover with each flower. 

That attention to detail is what makes The Posey Box so special. We work hard to provide an encompassing experience. Not only do we pay close attention to what makes each bloom unique, we also deeply explore the techniques and methods you can use with crepe to create amazingly lifelike flowers. Going even further, we’ve forged a worldwide community to support you and pass along even more knowledge. 

A subscription to The Posey Box is more than just a set of instructions. It’s a place to learn, grow, and share your love for paper flowers. 

Here’s what you can do with your subscription:

Watch Expert Tutorial Videos

Every month we walk you through the ins and outs of crafting a special flower. Our expert designers give step by step instructions and share helpful tips to make your bloom even better. Some techniques are tricky to perform at first, but with The Posey Box, you’ll have a visual guide that you can watch as many times as needed.

Access written instructions and templates 

Our videos provide the best method of instruction, since learning visually is usually easier when it comes to crafting paper flowers. But for when you want to make an entire bouquet of lilies instead of one bloom, we provide written tutorials that can jog your memory and keep you on track for those later creations. Each tutorial also includes PDF and SVG files with templates that make cutting out your leaves and petals a cinch.

 Learn new paper techniques

Paper florists all have their favorite tried and true methods, and we love sharing ours with you. We also explore new techniques and ideas so that you can expand your paper repertoire. These are often tied directly to our regular monthly flower tutorials, but we like to shake things up with side experiments like testing the colorfastness of crepe in the sun.

Join a community

With a Posey Box subscription you gain access to our paper florist community. We bring together lovers of our craft with study groups and virtual gatherings. Members come from far and wide, and you’ll learn from others and make “crepe” friends you probably wouldn’t have the chance to meet anywhere else.

Discover something new

The very heart of our craft is a love of nature. With each paper flower we create, we try to capture the beauty outside our windows. There’s no better way to appreciate those tiny details and to learn more about your favorite flowers than by creating one. Here at The Posey Box, we love diving deeply into each bloom by learning all we can about it and sharing that knowledge with you. 


We can’t wait for you to join us!

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