The Posey Box: Rose Collection

The rose is such a classic bloom, it’s no wonder that so many paper florists love creating this flower. We have three tutorials that will make three stunning varieties of rose and can be adapted to create something completely new with the skills you will learn.

This is your last chance to purchase our paper flower tutorials, as they will be archived after December 2. You’ll have lifetime access to anything purchased by that date.

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Let’s look at what’s included:

English Garden Rose Tutorial

Learn how to create a classy English Garden Rose, including watercolor techniques from an expert.

What’s more classic than an English Garden Rose? Nothing, that’s what!...

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Now is the time to purchase The Posey Box Tutorialsā€”and Save!

The Posey Box is changing as I pivot to new avenues of paper florist education. 

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Save the most by bundling with one of our collections. You can get our entire library of tutorials, or you can dive into a particular genre.

The Entire Posey Box Collection - $497 (reg $1050)

Don’t miss anything! Get lifetime access to 22 tutorials. Since we suggest ways to adapt the tutorials to create other flowers or variations, you will have an entire garden’s worth of blooms and plants to create.


The Rose Collection - $75 (reg $155)

Learn how to create various hybrid tea, garden, and climbing roses with this comprehensive collection, including our premium English Garden...

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A Cherry Blossom Tutorial to Celebrate Spring

Nothing heralds the beginning of spring quite like clouds of pink cherry blossoms arching overhead. I love to stand under cherry trees and watch the little petals flutter to the ground like a cascade of candy-colored rain.

To celebrate these delicate and short-lived blossoms, I’ve put together a cherry blossom paper flower tutorial that will bring a piece of spring into your home. These cheerful, tiny blooms are exactly what my home needs after a long, chilly winter. I can’t wait to share it with you!

I’ve been passionate about paper cherry blossoms for a long time. A few years ago I even created six cherry blossom installations for stores around Seattle—which you can read more about here. Even after cutting thousands of those little petals, I’m still in love with these beauties.


That’s why I’ve worked hard to bring you an easy to use cherry blossom tutorial that will guide you every step of the way. I want to share the love!


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The story behind the Yule Log Tutorial with Kate Alarcon

The yule log (or Buche de Noel in French) has a fascinating history. It’s a custom that is believed to have originated in European pagan midwinter festivals, in which communities would come together to light bonfires in celebration of the shortest day of the year and the longer days to come. Over time, this tradition evolved, and it became customary to burn a huge log in the fireplace to create a bright, warm, cozy Christmas celebration. Today, it’s easy to forget that your average peasant wouldn’t have had access to much light during those longer winter nights. Wood takes time and effort to gather, and candles cost money. To fill a night with blazing light would have seemed like a rare luxury.

You may be more familiar with the yule log, (or Buche de Noel in French), as a sometimes elegant, sometimes delightfully quirky holiday desert. Imaginative bakers decorate frosted sponge cake rolls to look like logs, often adorning the beautiful cakes with meringue...

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The story behind Kateā€™s Magnolia paper flower tutorial for The Posey Box

For November’s paper flower tutorial, Quynh assigned me the happy task of creating a magnolia tutorial. The goal for this project was to create a magnolia branch that was small enough to arrange easily with other flowers, but that would still allow us to pack on a lot of blooms and buds. My first thought was to simply scale down a standard pink magnolia, but I became interested in the idea of creating a dwarf specimen with crepe. Often, dwarf varieties of plants are less willowy and elongated, and more dense and packed-in. What would that look like for a magnolia?

I turned to Pinterest and found magnolia bonsai images with thick, twisty, ancient-looking bark, and I became obsessed with recreating that gnarled, weathered, and mossy effect. Several partial branches later, I settled on a few texture and color techniques that I think really elevate this paper flower tutorial. 

But to me, the cherry on top of this piece is the little fuzzy green buds that are waiting to open....

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The Posey Box FAQ

faq the posey box May 26, 2020

Last month, our blog detailed all of the reasons why The Posey Box is such an amazing buy. Besides our top-notch tutorials, you gain access to a wide array of resources to help you create the best paper flowers possible. You may still have questions, though, and we want to answer them! If you haven’t clicked that purchase button yet, here are some of our customers’ most asked questions:

1) Does the $20/month subscription include the live workshop and materials kit? I see that the June Rose Workshop is $125, and I’m not clear how the pieces fit together.  

The $20 subscription is only to get digital access to the monthly tutorial. The $125 workshop is usually an in-person workshop in the Seattle area, but because of Covid-19, we have turned the June workshop into a virtual one. The $125 includes a personal walkthrough of the tutorial from Kate and Quynh. You’ll see the whole process and can stop us at any time to ask questions or ask us to repeat the...

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Why choose The Posey Box

the posey box Apr 24, 2020

Plants are complex wonders of nature. Leaves can be all shapes and sizes. Hundreds of thousands of them produce flashy flowers. The variety is mind boggling! We’ve tackled making quite a few of them here at The Posey Box, and we’re always astounded at the amazing details we uncover with each flower. 

That attention to detail is what makes The Posey Box so special. We work hard to provide an encompassing experience. Not only do we pay close attention to what makes each bloom unique, we also deeply explore the techniques and methods you can use with crepe to create amazingly lifelike flowers. Going even further, we’ve forged a worldwide community to support you and pass along even more knowledge. 

A subscription to The Posey Box is more than just a set of instructions. It’s a place to learn, grow, and share your love for paper flowers. 

Here’s what you can do with your subscription:

Watch Expert Tutorial Videos

Every month we walk you...

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Welcome to the world of paper flower making!


The Posey Box challenge Kate Alarcon of The Cobra Lily to make a parrot tulip that was easy for beginners but advanced paper florists would be able to learn a new tip or two with this tutorial.

Here's Kate's message on how she came up with the March Posey Box's Parrot Tulip Tutorial.

"My first design challenge for The Posey Box was the black parrot tulip. I was already nervous following in the footsteps of Inga Peterson and her beautiful tutorials, and then I found out that my first project was going to be a flower I had never made before!

I love tulips in general, and French tulips in particular. I always assumed someday I would take on this beautiful flower with its fringy, saw-toothed petal edges—but to be honest, we are so spoiled with gorgeous tulips in my area, that I left it on the back burner. So I was happy to be pushed to finally make one! Quynh told me I could pick whichever color tulip I wanted.  I dove into Pinterest to see what was out there. I was...

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