The story behind the Yule Log Tutorial with Kate Alarcon

The yule log (or Buche de Noel in French) has a fascinating history. It’s a custom that is believed to have originated in European pagan midwinter festivals, in which communities would come together to light bonfires in celebration of the shortest day of the year and the longer days to come. Over time, this tradition evolved, and it became customary to burn a huge log in the fireplace to create a bright, warm, cozy Christmas celebration. Today, it’s easy to forget that your average peasant wouldn’t have had access to much light during those longer winter nights. Wood takes time and effort to gather, and candles cost money. To fill a night with blazing light would have seemed like a rare luxury.

You may be more familiar with the yule log, (or Buche de Noel in French), as a sometimes elegant, sometimes delightfully quirky holiday desert. Imaginative bakers decorate frosted sponge cake rolls to look like logs, often adorning the beautiful cakes with meringue...

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