Welcome to the world of paper flower making!


The Posey Box challenge Kate Alarcon of The Cobra Lily to make a parrot tulip that was easy for beginners but advanced paper florists would be able to learn a new tip or two with this tutorial.

Here's Kate's message on how she came up with the March Posey Box's Parrot Tulip Tutorial.

"My first design challenge for The Posey Box was the black parrot tulip. I was already nervous following in the footsteps of Inga Peterson and her beautiful tutorials, and then I found out that my first project was going to be a flower I had never made before!

I love tulips in general, and French tulips in particular. I always assumed someday I would take on this beautiful flower with its fringy, saw-toothed petal edges—but to be honest, we are so spoiled with gorgeous tulips in my area, that I left it on the back burner. So I was happy to be pushed to finally make one! Quynh told me I could pick whichever color tulip I wanted.  I dove into Pinterest to see what was out there. I was...

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