Let’s Look at the Calla Lily In-Depth

If you’re like me, seeing those little green shoots in the dirt and feeling the sun on my face has kept my spirits high, even during this turbulent time. I hope if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere like me, you’ve been able to find joy from the blossoms and buds and birds.

Throughout the world, spring marks the end of winter and a return of warmth and growth, and it’s no wonder that it’s associated with rebirth and renewal! Everything seems to be springing to life (pun intended). While there are many popular flowers associated with spring, none has come to symbolize the idea of rebirth quite like the beautiful calla lily. 

Calla lilies originated in the southern part of Africa, but their popularity has spread them far and wide. Take a walk at the right time of year, and you’ll probably spot some growing in your neighborhood. People all over the world love them and have included them in celebrations and stories. They are intertwined with our...

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