What is a Daisy? FREE floral crown tutorial using paper flower daisies and baby's breaths.


Daisies are a well-loved and popular flower—and for good reason! Nothing brings a smile to my face quite like a daisy. It’s just so cheerful! Unsurprisingly, daisies have long represented youthfulness and innocence. You could spend hours reading the many folktales, myths, and stories that feature daisies with that kind of symbolism.

Because they are so easy to grow—and so gosh darn cute—daisies have spread all over the world. They do much of that spreading all on their own: daisies are notorious for taking over as much of your garden bed as possible if left unchecked. This makes them a great plant to share, though, since one of the easiest ways to grow them is by propagation. You can divide a clump of overgrown daisies and plant the removed parts somewhere else with ease. Maybe you’ve grown some in your flower beds! If so, you know just how easy it is. 

You may not know that a daisy opens at dawn. That’s where the name comes from:...

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