Transforming your paper flowers into a business

paper to profits Apr 28, 2020

I first discovered my artistic side when I started creating paper flowers. It was a revelation to work with crepe paper! I found such joy, and my imagination and creativity grew by leaps and bounds. 

You’re just as passionate about paper flowers, I’m sure. That’s why you’re here! And maybe, just like what happened to me, your hobby wants to grow into something bigger. You’re ready to take that leap to become a business. 

When I started up my paper flower business, I already had an extensive business background, both from my various degrees in marketing, business, and finance, as well as experience running my catering company. Even then, the business world of paper flowers presented new and exciting challenges! 

It would have been an immense help to sit down and talk with someone who had already been through those business growing pains. But you’re in luck! While I can’t chat in person over coffee with all of you, I have put...

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