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paper flower tutorials Nov 16, 2022

Celebrate summer year round with this collection of paper flowers, including our premium English Garden Rose tutorial. With so many ways to modify hollyhocks, dahlias, daisies, and more, you can create entire arrangements and bouquets that invoke sunshine and warmth.

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To save even more, bundle with our Summer Collection. You’ll have access to seven paper flower tutorials for only $165 instead of $355. These cover ten blooms that can be modified to create even more varieties.

Let’s dive into what you’ll receive:

 English Garden Rose Tutorial


What’s more classic than an English Garden Rose? Nothing, that’s what! Quynh teamed up with watercolorist Sarah Simon of The Mint Gardener to develop this tutorial. You’ll learn how to use two types of crepe paper, plus how to color and form garden roses petals and their foliage. We’ve got an easy method to paint and form those petals. Anyone from beginner to expert will love this DIY project! After you’ve created one, you won’t be able to stop. An entire rose garden can sprout from your mantelpiece as a stunning piece of home decor that will look fantastic year-round.

What you will learn in this tutorial:

  • How to watercolor on German doublette with Sarah Simon of The Mint Gardener
  • How to mix four basic watercolor colors to achieve a beautiful cohesive palette
  • Basic paint brush strokes to create a variety of realistic petals and foliage
  • How to make a unique, multi-layer petal center
  • How to combine German and Italian 90gsm crepe paper to create depth and lightness in your paper creation
  • How to miter your crepe paper to create rose foliages
  • How to seamlessly add leaves to your rose stem

Paper used: German doublette crepe paper, Italian 90 gsm crepe paper

Level of difficulty: 3

Dahlia Tutorial

The versatile dahlia comes in almost every size and color and is an absolute joy to create with crepe. With our tutorial, you’ll learn how to make and shape the many petals on a dahlia, how to craft the oftentimes bizarre looking buds, and a technique to paint the paper and create a beautiful variegated petal. With so many varieties of dahlia out there, this is a tutorial you can adapt over and over.

What you will learn in this tutorial

  • How to form the dahlia petal
  • How to make the dahlia’s green bud
  • How to add growing stems to your main flower stem

Paper used: Italian 90 gsm crepe paper, German doublette crepe paper

Level of difficulty  5

 The Climbing Rose Tutorial


To design this tutorial, Kate used real climbing rose vines cut from her garden as a model. You’ll learn to make roses in various stages of blooming: buds, just about to open, full bloom, plus an old flower whose petals look like they’re about to fall off. Just for this tutorial, we created an updated mitered leaf technique and a new way to use crepe paper to wrap the stem. You’ll be so thrilled with the results from these techniques, we know you’ll use them in future projects. 

What you will learn in this tutorial:

  • How to make a rose bloom at any stage of its life
  • How to make your own leaf template and make the leaves branch

Paper used: German doublette crepe paper

Level of difficulty: 2

Lily Tutorial

Lilies boast a celebrated history, rich with symbolism. With this tutorial, you can create a vibrant Tiger Lily or a white Casablanca Lily. We’ll show you a special technique to make the distinctly shaped lily petals with hand colored details. These skills are adaptable for all kinds of lilies, and you’ll find yourself wanting to add a rainbow of warm hues to your collection.

What you will learn in this tutorial:

  • How to make the lily’s flower, stem, and bud
  • How to create ombre shaded stamens using either watercolors or alcohol markers
  • How to control bleaching the doublette crepe paper with guest paper florist Wendy Middaugh

Paper used: German doublette, extra fine crepe paper, Chinese heavy crepe paper

Level of difficulty: 3

Hollyhocks Tutorial

A late summer stroll will often bring sightings of the stately hollyhock. You’ll learn how to make those sturdy stems to hold all of the bright blooms, and to add to the realism, we’ll show you how to create buds and flowers in various stages of bloom. Because hollyhock is so closely related to hibiscus, we’ll also demonstrate how to tweak the hollyhock template to create its more tropical cousin.

What you will learn in this tutorial:

  • How to color petals with an alcohol marker
  • How to shape the center and form the flower 
  • How to make different bloom stages and the bud
  • An alternative way to make the bud with guest paper artist Hester Bisschoff 
  • Hibiscus Deconstruction with Priscilla

Paper used: German doublette crepe paper, extra fine crepe paper, Chinese heavy crepe paper

Level of difficulty: 3


Rose Tutorial

Take a walk through a rose test garden, and you’ll encounter an incredible variety of blooms. The possibilities for paper roses really are endless. With that in mind, our rose tutorial demonstrates how to create a variety of roses and gives you the technical foundation needed to make whatever kind of rose you can dream up. We cover botanical classification, the most important characteristics of a rose to focus on, and even include a tutorial for how to construct a flower crown.

What you will learn in this tutorial:

  • How to use heavy crepe to make an ombre Hybrid Tea Rose with Inga
  • How to make an Open Garden Rose with Quynh
  • How to create a rose center using modeling clay
  • How to deconstruct a flower and create your own template with the Garden Rose Deconstruction & Field Guide Usage from Priscilla
  • How to assemble a fresh floral crown with guest floral designer Rachel Heath

Paper used: German doublette crepe paper, extra fine crepe paper, Italian 180 gsm crepe paper (Chinese heavy crepe paper can be used)

Level of difficulty: 3.5

Daisy Tutorial

Daisies bring to mind wide open, sunny meadows and days spent crafting daisy crowns outdoors with childhood friends. Besides teaching you how to make daisies of various sizes, you’ll learn how to craft your own updated yet simple version of a daisy flower crown using your paper daisies and a small bunch of baby’s breath. Revel in the innocent joy that daisies can bring, and start crafting yours now.

What you will learn in this tutorial:

  • How to make a daisy in any size
  • How to create a “handle” that makes cutting tiny petals easy
  • How to put together a daisy and baby’s breath flower crown

Paper used: Italian 90 gsm crepe paper, German extra fine crepe paper

Level of difficulty: 1


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